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Teaching Dance to Children

Dance should be part of every teacher's Physical Education Program.   Physical education program should include more than just team sports.  The inclusiveness of dance instruction should not be overlooked.

Traditional Ballroom Dances such as the Cha Cha or the Waltz are very popular and fun to teach to students.  I encouarge teacher’s and parents to view the Movie Mad Hat Ballroom, to seen an example of children getting introduced to Ballroom dancing.

Multicultural Dances such as the Hula, Folk Dancing, and Square Dancing are also exciting and educational for young learners.

Remember that to your students, you are an authority in your dance, so don't worry if you don't get all the moves down fluently before instruction.

Besides teaching a dance to your students, it is also fun to have your students research their own dance.  Student may want to teach a dance from his or her own ethnic group, or perhaps you could assign students dances to research outside of their particular culture.

Below is a list of fun dances for children:

Country Line Dance

Israeli Folk Dance (including The Hora)

Ballroom Dance (Cha Cha,  Foxtrot, Waltz, )

Swing Dancing

Square Dancing  (teacher as the caller)

Hula Dancing